Mold Inspection Details

Our Services

  • Preliminary Mold Inspection with moisture meter analysis
    • Prior to purchase
    • Prior to listing
    • Prior to tenant occupation
    • Prior to warranty expiration
    • Residential or Commercial
  • Post Remediation Clearance Inspection
  • Air, wall cavity, and surface mold sampling
  • Bacteria, dust particulate and other sampling also available
  • Detailed inspection report with photos
  • Full remediation protocol, when applicable
  • Detailed post remediation clearance report to help complete a project
  • Professional review of reports, sampling results, and protocols issued by vendors
  • Review of remediation cost bids
  • Onsite supervision of mold remediation projects
  • Expert witness deposition and testimony

The Inspection Process

Our inspection is designed to be a non-invasive visual inspection that focuses on
recognizing and diagnosing signs of damage resulting directly from moisture intrusion.

The inspection process includes the following:

  • Use of a moisture meter to determine if active moisture is present
  • Taking photographs of all concerns observed
  • Consulting with the client upon completion of the visual inspection to determine if further actions need to be taken

Sampling will be recommended, if necessary, in order to document if mold growth is
present. We test for mold inside of a wall cavity space, a surface of a wall, or for airborne elevations of mold spores. Air samples show the levels of mold spores within the ambient breathing air and are compared to an outdoor control sample collected during the visit.

Sampling is an additional cost on top of the visual inspection. If samples are collected,
they are sent via FedEx to a third party independent lab that performs the analysis and
returns the results within 3-4 business days. Same and next day rushes are available for an additional cost.

Upon the completion of the inspection, if no samples are collected, a full report with color photographs and recommendations for repair of any concerns will be issued via email within one to two business days. If samples are collected, a report will be issued within 1-2 business days upon receipt of the results. Recommendations will be sectioned into areas for a professional remediation company or a general contractor.

After our report is issued, if recommendations exist for a professional mold remediation company, a follow-up post remediation clearance inspection should be conducted. This should be done prior to the reconstruction but after the remediation has been completed. It is our top priority that our clients have full knowledge that the recommended work was completed properly and that all mold concerns have been addressed.

For all of our clients, we offer a review of competitors’ reports free of charge to make sure that all recommendations that were given are accurate. We review the report and consult with the client regarding any concerns that might be present. Additionally, we also review all remediation company bids to make sure they are properly bidding a project.

Ian brings a calm, reassuring approach to your inspection experience. Nv Environmental does not perform mold remediation and has no affiliation with any remediation companies. This is to ensure our clients that there is never a conflict of interest during the inspection or writing recommendations for repair.

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