Liza R.

Mold Inspection

Found Nv Environmental on yelp and read all their reports, we are a boutique construction company specializing in remodeling and from time to time clients ask us for advise or referrals to mold companies, in the past we used a company who was “very” expensive and took forever to get reports back to our clients. In this case we wanted the report for our own records to protect our selves, the home owner had been constantly reminding us of her partners bad health and was implying that our remodeling works with new wood would make this worse, once we saw all the rot and mold we decided to get all area’s that we had demo’d and remaining structure’s tested so we have proof that in fact the mold had been present at their home long before we came along. Ian was very responsive to our request for a timely visit and his pricing seems more than fair, we will certainly recommend him to future clients.

Mold Inspection Review by Liza R.

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